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Eat Well, Stay Well
Weight Loss Program

*Valid only to clients who have undertaken an initial consultation with me.

Calorie Count

Long-term Weight Loss is not about Willpower.  

 It's about understanding the science of your biology and working with it to establish a way of eating that you enjoy and gives you sustained results.


Studies show that regularly speaking and sharing your experiences with like-minded people is more effective than going at it alone.    It provides an extra layer of accountability scientifically proven to work.


In One Study, over 90% of participants in a group weight loss program made effective weight loss gains over the course of their time together.

Eat Well, Stay Well Group Subscription Class is designed to support clients with their continued weight loss and weight management.

Healthy Food

Eat Well, Stay Well Weight Loss Program, Sign me up!

An additional layer of support seems to be the key difference in losing initial weight and keeping it off long term.

Eat Well, Stay Well, a monthly, online group based class, offers you the best of both worlds.  You’ll be 1:1 with Professional Clinical Nutritionist, Tonina Rizzo able to ask questions about your personal journey, overlayed with the benefit of sharing and learning from others also managing their weight.  A mental health boost in the right direction keeping your results on track.


*Valid only to clients who have undertaken an initial consultation with me.

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