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14 Day Total Body Reset Program

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Making Green Juice

Looking for a way to boost your Weight Loss results and improve your Health?

Access the secret that will...

  • Bring your body back into balance

  • Move stubborn belly fat

  • Reduce bloating and fluid retention

  • Boost your energy

  • Have you feeling FABULOUS

Work alongside a Clinical Nutritionist and achieve your goals FASTER.

Join me and uncover the obstacles holding you back from achieving your weight goals and optimal health.

Do you answer YES to any of these?

If so, toxins may be sabotaging
your metabolism.

Toxins that cause weight gain are known as obesogens, they contribute to weight gain by altering fat storage, metabolism and hormone balance, and can even increase our number of fat cells



OverLoad the System

Toxins overload your body’s detoxification systems creating inflammation.

While your kidneys, liver, and digestive system work hard to get rid of unwanted toxins, a higher toxic load can  create cellular damage known as oxidative stress which increases inflammation within your body.


Disrupt Hormones

Toxins can disrupt hormone function causing insulin resistance which promotes fat storage.  Many toxins are known endocrine disruptors, which means they mimic or confuse certain hormones and alter the chemical messages your metabolism relies on. This can cause insulin resistance which promotes fat storage


Increase Fat Cells

Exposure to environmental toxins has been shown to alter lipid metabolism and promote the growth of fat cells!

"Feeling lighter and more energised than I have in a long time.  Easy to follow program and delicious recipes."
- Adele, 46

The 14 Day Total Body Reset is a gentle and easy way to reverse learnt behaviours to have you feeling energised and back in balance. This practitioner-guided program includes everything you’ll need to get started.   Easy-to-follow nutrition guide, daily meal plans, healthy recipes and a multitude of resources to have you feeling new and improved within two short weeks. Give your body a boost and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today.

Lisa P

' I loved that this program wasn't about drinking shakes and fluid for the duration but more about clean, healthy regular eating and drinking with on-hand support from Tonina'

Mary T

"The two weeks were over before you knew it so it is a highly achievable program. The result, a clearer mind, a little weight loss and more energy. I can now repeat the program whenever I feel sluggish or have overindulged."

Lucy M

“I started my 14 Day Total Body Reset with a little hesitation as I have done a few of these types of programs, albeit on my own.  I would definitely recommend doing a reset program with someone like Tonina.  She gave great advice along the way, great recipes and advice on how to succeed. I really enjoyed it from day 1, and felt the benefits.”

Here is why you should consider joining our Program!

What you will achieve with the 14-Day Total Body Reset.

✓ Drop unwanted kilos

✓ Improved digestion

✓ Less bloating after meals

✓ Less fluid retention
✓ More energy

✓ Improved mental clarity

✓ Glowing skin

Take the stress and guesswork out of your meals - It's all provided for you.

  • Easy to Follow Body Reset Guide

  • Done-For-You Meal Plans and Recipes, including vegetarian options

  • Shopping List

  • Daily emails to challenge you and keep you on track

  • Access to a private Facebook Community to keep in touch with me and like-minded people sharing the experience.

  • Repeat the entire program at any time to stay healthy and vibrant!

Give your body
what it needs
to restore balance

Ocean Rocks
Register your Interest

Best Value

14-Day Total Body Reset Bundle Offer



This program meets you where you are in your weight and health journey.

Valid until canceled

The entire 14-Day Total Body Reset Program ($250)

BONUS Reset Smoothie Recipe e-Book ($30)

Access to our private Facebook Group

Best Value

14-Day Total Body Reset Program VIP



Perfect for people needing more support

Valid for 2 weeks

The entire 14 Day Total Body Reset Program ($250)

BONUS Smoothie Recipe e-Book ($30)

1:1 60 minute online consultation with Tonina ($250)

Personalised (written) Treatment Guidelines

Access to our Private Facebook Group

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